What We Do.


Hire Car Claims

Hire car claims are a mainstay of SpectreLaw – not just an appendix to our practice. We’ve been at the forefront of this area of law for years and have heard all the arguments before. We’ve even invented a few new arguments ourselves. If you need someone to handle your loss of use claims contact us today.


Repair Claims

We act for repairers all over Australia. We know they just want someone to handle their recoveries properly so they can get back to fixing cars. We’ve developed automated claims systems so that happens for our clients. The insurers never put one over on us because we know cars. Even our receptionist could spot a knurled piston. If you need someone to handle your repair claims contact us today.


We advise on all kinds of commercial issues; from terms of trade to employment agreements and everything in between. Making sure that you get the right advice early can save you tens of thousands of litigation costs in the future. If you’re looking for advice on a commercial issue contact us today.

Debt Recovery

We recover debts fast. We develop a tailored recovery strategy for each case. We won’t waste your time and money sending a barrage of template letters to a debtor who will just ignore them. If it’s not viable to recover your debt we’ll tell you that before you waste your money trying. If you need to quickly recover a debt contact us today.


Insurance Disputes

Insurers get things wrong. Just because your claim has been denied, or your insurer wants to pay you less, doesn’t mean you have to accept their decision. However, getting them to change their mind can be tough. We deal with insurance companies every single day. Each one is different and requires a different approach. If you have a dispute with your insurer contact us today.

We're Different.


Instructing most lawyers is a hassle. There’s endless conferences and you’re constantly sending over documents (all the while paying for someone just to get your file together). We use innovative technology to shortcut that process and get across your matter quickly and cheaply. 


We’re excellent at what we do, and we use systems that allow us to be ruthlessly efficient. It’s a great combination. You won’t be overcharged for simple administrative tasks. We get straight to the point and deal with your legal problem. 


Although we’re pretty smart lawyers, your case isn’t about us. It’s about getting you results. We’ll give you simple plain-language advice with real world results in mind. When we handle your matter, our focus is always on achieving those results for you in a cost effective way.

Case Study

Need for a replacement vehicle

On 10 May 2019 the Supreme Court of NSW handed down its decision in the matter of Lee v Strelnicks. The decision has generated some commentary from those in the world of minor ‘crash and bash’ claims. Read the full article here.

Join Us.

We’re always on the lookout for talented lawyers (or soon to be lawyers) to join the team at SpectreLaw. We have a fairly laid-back office culture and offer flexible working arrangements. We’ve setup our firm so that our staff spend most of their day doing work that matters, rather than boring administrative tasks. Most of our matters involve intellectually challenging niche areas of the law. If you think you might want to work on a case involving the “notional hire of a temporary replacement for a non-income producing chattel” – send us your CV today.


  • P.S. the table tennis table in this photo is actually in our office!

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